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Bismarck North Dakota
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Life member: ARRL, RSO and others
Member: Central Dakota Amateur Radio Club
Past member of many Ham radio clubs accross the USA and around the world, including the JARL while stationed in Japan.
I've held every elected and appointed office in many of these clubs, including the office of President of the Radio Society of Okinawa (RSO) several times during my 6 years there. I'm also the founding President of several Amateur Radio (HAM) clubs in the United States.

10-X # 39658
EPC # 16305

Please QSL via My card is "Authenticity Guaranteed"
(AG), which means they have a copy of my HAM license on file.

I'm active in the following radio activities and modes:

  • HF 160 - 6 meters: CW, AM, SSB and FM. Fixed, Mobile and Portable.
  • Various digital modes on 160 - 6 meters and sometimes on VHF and above.
  • 2 m, 70 cm and .23 cm: AM, SSB, FM simplex and repeaters. Although there doesn't seem to be any .23 cm activity in North Dakota, I'm there.
  • HAM satellites: FM and SSB.
  • APRS. I turn my APRS on from time to time, but not as much as I used to.
  • Fox hunting (hidden transmitters).
  • U.S.A.F. Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)
  • On 11 January 2018, I've been in MARS for 44 years!

    Current Billets:

    AF MARS Region 8 Director
    National Mission Support Network Manager.
    North Dakota State Mars Director (SMD).

    I've also held and performed duties in the following AF MARS Billets:

    Northwest Division Deputy MARS Director.
    The NW Division consisted of two AF MARS Regions - 8 (MT, ND, SD, WY, UT, CO) and 10 (AK, WA, OR, ID).
    Due to AF MARS restructuring in 2015, the Divisions no longer exist, but the Regions remain unchanged.

    Southwest Division - Region 9 (NV, CA, AZ) HF Voice Network Manager and Public Information Officer
    March AFB Instalation MARS Director (IMD)

    Webmaster for both this and the and web sites.

    We are looking for new AF MARS members. Contact me for information and click on the MARS menu tab for an application.

  • SHARES SHAred RESources Net Control Station. SHARES allows government agencies access to various radio frequencies and networks, which allows them to pass emergency traffic.
  • HAM and MARS ALE (Automatic Link Establishment).
  • PropNet. You can sometimes find me on PSK-31 on 10/17/30 meters as a PropNET automatically controlled digital station. That means that I am transmitting 4-6 times per hour and listening for other PropNET stations, but will respond to a QSO request if I'm not doing something else in the shack. We are doing propagation studies. Go to for additional information, or to join.
  • WSPRnet (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter network) running 5 watts, or less. Visit their web site for additional information, or to join. WSPR is featured in the November 2010 issue of QST.
  • ARRL and W5YI Volunteer Examiner.
  • ARRL volunteer for other HAM radio related activities and services.
  • SkyWarn

  • NK7W Amateur Radio and MARS Station
    Photo Copyright © JD Weiss

    Rigs: Other equipment:
  • Kenwood TS-480SAT. All modes 100watts 160-6 meters.
    Not in photo

  • Kenwood TS-2000X. All modes 100 watts 160-6 meters. All modes 100 watts on 2 meters. All modes 50 watts on 70 cm and all modes 10 watts on 1.2Ghz. Photo bottom center

  • Yaesu FT-1000mp MK 5. All modes 200 watts 160-10 meters. Photo bottom left

  • Tempo 2020 100 watts CW, AM and SSB 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters [Pre-WARC]. Photo top left

  • Yaesu FT-8900 mobile 50 watts FM on 10, 6 and 2 meters. 35 watts on 70 cm

  • RM Italy BLA 1000 amplifier. 1 KW output 160-10 meters and 6 meters.
  • Heathkit SB-220 amplifier. 2 KW (1,500 watts PEP) 80-10 meters. Photo top center left (black face)

  • Heathkit SB-200 amplifier. 1,200 watts PEP (input per the owners manual) on 80-10 meters. Photo top center right (green face)
  • MFJ legal limit automatic and manual antenna tuners

  • Dell Optiplex 760 Dual CPU 2.80 GHz desk top.
    Ubuntu Linux 16-4 (Windows 7 stopped booting after a microsoft update in January 2018 for the Spector meltdown)

  • Gateway 2.80 GHz Pentium 4 desk top built in 2002.
    Windows XP Professional (Linux shall be installed when XP quits working)

  • Signalink USB digital interface (three - one not in photo).

  • AEA PK-232 digital interface (two, not in Photo)

  • Fldigi software for digital modes.

  • Software for MIL-STD digital modes (MARS)

  • Software for HAM and MARS ALE (Automatic Link Establishment).

  • Phone patch

  • Other junk and stuff normally found in HAM shacks
  • Due to my move to Bismarck North Dakota (begining of October 2015), most of my antennas are still packed in boxes, or on the ground. I planned to install the tower and the rest of my antennas during the summer of 2016, but other projects like insulating the walls and building an insulated floor in the shack (loft of the barn), power company installing 200 amp electric service, wiring the shack (4 240 v outlets with more planned, 28 120 v outlets with more planned - never have enough outlets), installing the heater/AC and a lot more took priority.

    Since I was unable to plant my tower and install the rest of my antennas, the plan was to do it during the summer of 2017. Well, I had both of my knees replaced (right in May and left in August), so between surgeries and recovery time, the summer was wasted for antenna work and fishing. Hopefully I'll get everything in the air this summer (2018) AND, go fishing!

    There just isn't enough time, or money to get everything done, that I want done. And, due to my disability, I'll need assistance installing the tower(s) and antennas. I have 60 feet of Rohn 25G (had 100 feet, but someone made me an offer on 40 feet that I could not turn down) and I can't decide if I want to have one 60 footer, or two 30 footers (there would be a ten foot pipe sticking out of the top making it 70 feet, or 40 feet). I would like a tower close to, or next to the shack for V/UHF (shorter coax for less line loss) and a tower a short distance away from the shack (50 to 100 feet) to prevent RFI to the computers and other equipment.

    Antennas currently in the air:

  • Tennadyne TD-160HP1000 160 foot long, 160-10 meter Broadband Folded Dipole with the feed point at about 35 feet and each end at approximately 11 feet. The wires are running NE/SW. This antenna works very well, but I would like to get it higher in the air.
  • Comet 144, 440 MHz and 1.2 GHz verticle at 20 feet.
  • Being forced to retire due to physical disability (2014); money is now on the short side, so it will take much longer than I planned to install my tower and the rest of the HF, VHF and UHF antennas. My Hy-Gain TH-6DXX HF beam antenna is so old; it's falling apart and needs to be replaced. I acquired the equipment I have over many years and no, I don't want to sell anything. It would cost too much to replace it and I use everything for my MARS and SHARES participation (operate multiple frequencies simultaneously).

    This web site shall be updated as things change.

    © JD Weiss, NK7W 2018
    This web site was established in 2006

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