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Echo Link

    Node number was 253413, but it might be different when put back on-line.

    The NK7W Echo Link node is currently off line.

    When turned back on, it will be operating at 25 watts due to the duty cycle. This Echolink node is NO longer connected to a repeater and the simplex frequency will be determined when it is turned back on.

    Depending on the availability of control operators, the echo link node could be disabled at any time.
    The echo link is computer controlled and disconnects automatically, even if you are in the middle of a QSO.

    There is a 1 hour inactivity timer, so you can remain connected untill it times out. Only six (6) connections at a time are allowed. Both of these restrictions are subject to change at any time.

    Please feel free to connect or use the Echolink any time from the internet, or on the air. While using the Echo Link from on the air, you can connect to any node by enterering the correct node number on your DTMF keypad. You can also connect to specific nodes by using the two digit codes below. Please remember to enter # to disconnect that node when you are finished.

    This is very important to know: If someone connects to the system via the internet, or on the air after you connected to a node, the # will disconnect the last connected station, not the node you connected to. Listen to the disconnect message from the system. If the link you are connected to did not disconnect, please resend the # disconnect command.

    Note to users connecting from the internet: You could be disconnected by someone on the air trying to disconnect from the node they connected to.

    The following on the air Echolink commands are subject to change when it is turned back on.

# Disconnects the last connected Node.
99 Echo Test - Allows you to hear your transmitted audio. Make a short transmission, the system records it and plays it back (# disconnects).
14 Link Removed
20 Link Removed
74 Link Removed

Additional information:

    Down load the FREE Echo Link software from the web site.

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